Piano Treatment, for piano and live electronics

XVI Colloquio di Informatica Musicale, Genova, Casa Paganini, 2006
International Computer Music Conference 2007, Copenhagen (CD selection)

Piano Treatment is the transcription of an original improvised performance. The main task of its informal structure is to explore the expressive reaction of the computer to some specific musical gestures in an acoustic domain without pre-programmed syntactic relations. A range of
percussive gestures performed inside the soundboard of the piano stimulates the reaction, only partially predictable, of the electroacoustic environment depending on the amplitude and frequency envelopes detected. The live electronics, developed in Max/MSP, integrates two principal components: the first analyzes the acoustic input of the percussive performance; the second generates audio output micro-phrases. The electronic sounds are generated using input granulation objects linked to a synthesis model based on the extended Karplus–Strong algorithm. Dynamic tools for reverberation and spatialization are also integrated in the live electronics.